Facing This Together

someone u know has cancer

that someone could be u or me

support groups help ease the burden

they change "me" into "we"

Barbara Baxter’s significant piece of art uniquely uses the format of the traditional nine-block center field, plus border, quilt pattern. The center field design is expressions of emotions felt when facing and dealing with cancer. Barbara used text-based emoticons to design faces representing emotions in a progressive format from diagnosis through love and support. The border is a design of the artwork’s title, “Facing This Together.”

Cancer survivor Barbara Baxter says her art piece, like a favorite blanket or quilt, is meant to envelope the beholder and offer comfort, encouragement, love and support. Barbara says everyone benefits when Facing This Together.

Facing This Together is dedicated to raising awareness of cancer support groups. Visist www.Barbara-Baxter.com to learn more.

Buy This Shirt Because…

It’s Comfy, Colorful, Current, and it shows that U CARE. Proceeds from these products benefit cancer support groups.

Download the T-shirt Order Form and mail it, along with a check or money order, to:

Barbara Baxter

P.O. Box 2398

Covington, KY 41012-2398

Or email the form to bbaxter1@fuse.net

Thank U 4 FACING THIS TOGETHER, your friend, Barbara Baxter =D

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